GlossyBox November 2014

By louiselunacfur, Dec 15 2014 04:17PM

So not long until Christmas and after all the madness of buying Christmas pressies etc. I realised I haven't written my review of November's GlossyBox, so apologies for it being late and lets get straight into it.

First up is the H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

This is an oil free moisture gel which claims to deliver "deep hydration while minimising the appearence of fine lines".

Well I'm not sure about the fine lines part but it does hydrate the skin.

The gel smells lovely and feels lovely and refreshing on the skin. It reminds me of the Nuxe Creme Fraiche from the previous box and does almost the same thing except you leave this one on for 5mins instead of 10 before massaging the rest into the skin.

Its £27.50 for full sized product (50ml) and can be bought at Marks and Spencers. A bit steep for me at the moment but a great product nonetheless.

Next up is Burt's Bees Lipshine (Shade-Pucker)

I love this product because it is 100% natural and smells lovely. It gives your lips a lovely shine with a hint of colour while moisturising with Apricot Wax.

A great little item, it's £6.99 for a full sized product which you can get by visiting www.burtsbees.co.uk

Although I found this item a little sticky going on the stickiness didn't last long and felt lovely. I will be buying this once the one I have has run out and small enough to pop into your handbag.

Now when it comes to eye pencils I get a little stressed out as I find it hard to find one that doesn't break easily and lasts all day. So when I recived Lollipops eye pencil I noticed it was retractable so was a bit excited at trying it.

I think this is better than the normal pencils I have used. Because it's retractable it helps to draw a more precise line which, with my unsteady hand, is just perfect.

Also the packaging is really pretty and the colour is deep enough that it doesn't appear dull and lasts all day.

An international brand. I believe from France. This lovely pencil is 14 Euros, which I think is around £11 and can be bought from www.lollipopsmakeup.fr

This next one is from Monu Skin Care, it is a Firming Fiji Facial Oil.

I've tried another product of Monu's from their Spa range which was Warming Ginger massage and body oil. It smelt gorgeous and lovely with a few drops in the bath. Because of this I was really looking forward to trying this facial oil, however I was a little disappointed with it. Yes it did make my skin a little soft but I found it too greasy and the smell wasn't that great either, a real shame.

Its £26 for a full sized product (100ml) from www.monushop.co.uk I don't think I will be buying this one myself.

Last up is HealGel Body Cream.

This product is a great body moisturiser and is suposed to be applied daily to areas of concern and sutible for all skin types. It's lovely and smooth going on and absorbs into the skin quickly with no greasiness. Also the smell is subtle and not overpowering.

The price of a full sized product is £39.50 for 100ml. www.healgel.co.uk A bit too much for me I think as it is not a product that I would use regularly.

So that's it. Some nice items although there are only 2 out of 5 products that I would buy myself not the best month for products but not the worst either.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and found it helpful.

If you have any comments or opinions on the items in this blog please feel free to comment, would love to know it you had a box or if you've tried any of the products mentioned today and what your experience of them were.

For now though, time to make a hot cuppa to warm my hands around and have a bit of a Sue Thomas FB Eye marathon.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year and see you all in January xxx

Dec 16 2014 09:36PM by Sarah Smith

Yea I found the oil a bit greasy too so used it for a night treatment instead. Not tried the pencil or hydrating treatment yet but love the lip gloss. Yes it was a bit sticky on application but once dried it felt nice and light and also my lips felt moisturised.

Dec 16 2014 09:46PM by louiselunacfur

That's exactly what I did with the oil, used it for night instead of day. How was the condtioner after?

Dec 16 2014 10:10PM by Sarah Smith

The conditioner is lovely and the smell is lovely too will definitely be buying the full size when I run out

Dec 16 2014 10:26PM by louiselunacfur

What was the name of it again?

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