December's Awesome GlossyBox

By louiselunacfur, Jan 16 2015 05:23PM

So the festive season is now over and everything starts to get back to normal but what a party season it was and a great Glossybox to fit. From skincare to some lovely make up items to help you get ready for that big party coming up, I loved it. I would go so far as to say it is the first box so far which I was not disappointed with any of the products.

First up is Essence's Colour & Go Nail Polish. The shade I had was 'Do you speak love' which is a gorgeous red.

I love this colour and is great with any party outfit. I only used one coat for a strong colour but 2 coats gives an even more dramatic look.

It is recomened that you use a base coat with this to stop your nails from getting discoloured. I would agree. I didn't use one when I first tried it and when I had taken it off it left my nails with a bit of a red stain on them so the next time I used it I took on the advice given.

I will definetly be buying this one again and would recommend to anyone who loves the dramatic look or for those looking for a nice red for their 1940s nails.

It is only 2.99 euros which is about £1.54, I know cheap right? But don't be fooled by its cheapness it is definetly as good as any of the more expensive brands, if not better. The best thing about this too is that dries quickly and lasts. www.essence.eu

So with winter here it means cold weather which is a nightmare for skin as it dries it out. Skin Pep's Hydra Boost is the next item in the box

This is great for refreshing and hydrating the skin. I found it left my skin feeling soft and looking less tired, giving it a more healthier apperance.

It is £24.99 for a full size product which isn't too bad since you only need to use a little to get the full effect and so is worth the price as it will last a while. I still have plenty left in my trial size so it is one that I will be buying once mine has run out. www.skinpep.com

Hands up those who have been in the situation where there is a big event coming up and you suddenly get that ill timed breakout.......I think that's most of us.

I found myself in this situation not long before New Years Eve and found that the next item was my saviour. Introducing Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Gets That Chap Spot Stick

I think everyone should have one of these, it really does what it says and stops those spots dead. It doesn't sting when you apply it. It has a day formula and a night formula so you can use it either day or night or even both which means that spot is constantly getting zapped and has no escape.

When I used it I saw the results in just a few days all in time for New Years.

It is only £3.79. There is no doubt that I will be buying this superhero again. www.asos.com

Next up is a nice little item to carry around in your handbag, Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Stain.

The shade I had was Coral. This is a great item to have in your bag if you need to top up on any colour or to give you a little pop of colour. This shade is perfect for a natural look or if you're creating a 1950s look. If you want a more stronger colour you can easily buid it up and it doesn't leave a stain on your finger after you've applied it.

I think I will only be using it as a lip stain but then that's because I am a bit biased and prefer powder blushes to cream.

You only need to use a little, even when building up colour, to get the right effect so at £12.99 I think is acceptable as again it will last a while, it's another one I will be getting once this one runs out.

So we've looked at skin and make up, now finally hair.

TRESemme Nourish and renew tonic. Great for giving your hair some much needed TLC and even better if you're short on time and don't want to wait ages to rinse off. Use after shampooing and condtioning the hair, add a bit to the scalp targetting those roots and comb through, there is no need to rinse out and you can style your hair as usual, perfect.

When I tried it I found it gave a nice refreshing senstation to my scalp and enhanced the benefits of the shampoo and condtioner.

It's £5.50 for a full size product and can be bought in most high street store such as Boots and Superdrug and also on www.tresemme.co.uk

So that's December's awesome Glossybox which has helped me through the party season and beyond. I don't think I have a bad thing to say about any of the products from this box and the best bit is that all are at affordable prices. I am one happy bunny

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