Catching the Bug

By louiselunacfur, Nov 2 2015 02:42PM

I've got a bug, a bug that can be time consuming and one that I never dreamed I would catch.

What is this costly bug?

Well it is none other than the great sewing bug.

So how did I catch it? I guess it has been bubbling a little since I started burlesque. I've had to make slight alterations to items of clothing when putting together costumes, such as adding embelishments to a bra or glitzing up an already bought costume abd that's as a far as it went up until the begining of this year.

I was creating an act for St David's Day which was based on the Welsh godess Rhiannon.

My acts are usually based on characters or a style of dance. This means I try and research into the character/time period to see what the characater would look,act and dress like. I would make a little look

book of different ideas and take it from there.

So for Rhiannon I wanted a nice green dress to match the crown I had made by Demons and Diamonds.

After spending so much time looking around for one it seemed like all the nice ones were too expensive and the cheaper ones were not so good. I started to think maybe I should get one of the cheaper ones and add to it, it still wouldn't look that great but couldn't see any other option. Then I saw a sewing pattern for a medival dress that was just what I was looking for. The problem was apart from some basic hand sewing, I'd never done any real sewing before let alone making an item of clothing from scratch, also I didn't have a sewing machine either. After some serious thought, I decided I could do it by hand, yes it would take longer but could be worth the effort plus always up for a good challenge.

With my mind made up, I bought the pattern, fabric and other bits and pieces I needed and took the pludge.

It did take a while to make and had to do a bit of research on how to do certain stiches by hand, tips on cutting fabric etc. I also had to dig out my iron, which I hadn't used a while. After some long night, moments of frustration, which made me want to cry at times and the feeling of will this be worth, I have I taken on too much etc, I finished it. I am so proud of it. Looking at it I still can't believe I made the whole thing by hand. Yes a sewing machine would've made it so much easier but I had to use what I had at the time.

Now it's all done, I've started thinking I want to sew something else. I love vintage and gothic clothing but they can be expensive to buy even the reproduction stuff for vintage. Its got me thinking, I've made this dress so what's stopping me from making other clothing items from scratch.

I decided to invest in a sewing machine and have made some more items of clothing since then. I have now come to realise that I think I have caught the sewing bug big time. I am already starting think what my next project will be.

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