August's GlossyBox 2014

By louiselunacfur, Sep 22 2014 11:55PM

New website means I can now start back to writing blogs again. So my first one will be reveiwing last months beauty products from August 2014 GlossyBox.

In this box I had Comfort Zone cleansing milk, Yves Rocher Vernis Nail Polish (Shade- Rose), Phillip Kingsley Elasticzer, Kryolan Highlighter (Shade- Cashmere), Figs and Rouge Rose Berry hand cream and L'amour Lalique perfume sample. All good size samples with some full sized products as well so lets get started.

Kryolan Highlighter - Cashmere
Kryolan Highlighter - Cashmere

I shall kick off with Kryolan Highlighter. This product is nice and not greasy. It's a lovely shade and gives a subtle glimmer to a natural look. It can be applied to the cheek bones, under the brow bone and a little just above the cupids bow. Now I don't use highlighters that often so feel that this one may be spending a long time hardly used in my make-up bag, not because it's a bad product as it did complement my skin tone, but because it is not something I would buy since I hardly use them.

If unlike me you do use highlighters then this is a lovely little product for you. It comes in several shades as well. Check out https://uk.kryolan.com/products/face-body/highlighter for more details

Next up is the perfume sample, Lalique L'amour. It has a lovely floral fragrance to it with a little hint of musk, I'm not a lover for musk fragences but that little hint in there adds a nice complement to the overall smell plus it lasts too, so no worries about having to keep respraying.

With the full sized product being £67 I don't think I will be buying it myself, however,it'll be going on my Christmas wishlist and maybe santa will get it for me.

Fig & Rouge Rose Berry handcream
Fig & Rouge Rose Berry handcream

Next product is a lovely hand cream by Figs & Rouge, it comes in several fragrances, the one I got was Rose Berry and smells absoulty gorgeous. The thing I love about it I love about it is that it has natural antioxadnats and does not feel greasy, you only need a small amount to feel the difference.

With the full sized product only being £3.95 I will be definetly buying this once this one runs out.

You can buy the cream along with Figs & Rouge's other products on Feel Unique website http://www.feelunique.com/brands/figs-rouge

Phillip Kingsley Elasticzier
Phillip Kingsley Elasticzier

Now time for a hair product. This one is a pre-shampoo by Phillip Kingsley and is called Elastizer. When I saw this item in the box I was really excited about trying it and had heard some good reviews about it already. However, I was a little disappointed by it as it didn't really make a lot of difference to my hair. It states on the item that it "adds elasticity, manageabillity, bounce and shine". I didn't think it made my hair any of those things. From other reviews it seems to work with some other people but just not for me.

It is also a bit time comsuming as you are supposed to leave it in your hair for 10-20mins before rinsing out and shampooing as normal. Great if you're having a day of pampering but not so great if you just want a quick shower.

If you would like to try it for yourself you can buy it from Feel Unique website http://www.feelunique.com/p/Philip-Kingsley-Elasticizer-150ml £38

Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk
Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk

I have trouble finding a cleanser that works well with my skin and think I have found one with this next product which is Comfort Zone's Cleansing milk. It's for all skin types and removes make-up and impurites to leave skin looking more radient.

I love this product as it made my skin feel much softer and not so tired looking. I was actually surprised at how much dirt actually came off my face and neck.

You can use this day and night and can either be rinised off or removed with a cotton pad, I chose to remove it with a cotton pad.

I can't really say enough about it only that is great. Its a fairly sized product £20 for 200ml, you can gurantee I will be buying this.


Yves Rocher nail polish - Rose
Yves Rocher nail polish - Rose

Finally some nail polish. Yves Rocher Vernis Nail Polish , the shade I got was Rose. It is, aparently, a shade from the nude paltte. I'm not too keen on it. One, I don't like the colour and two, you need a couple coats for it to give an even colour. However, it does last for several days and if you want a pink varnish that is more subtle than out there then this could be for you.

£3.60 for 3ml


So that's it for August's GlossyBox

If you would like to see what is in September's box then hop over to my YouTube channel Luna C Fur

Always love to hear from everyone so feel free to comment with your thoughts on this blog. Did you have a GlossyBox?, What did you get?, Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned and what are your thoughts on them? Or are there any products that are similar but better?

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Sep 23 2014 01:03AM by Sarah Smith

I found the same with the elastizer. Hair felt soft but not shiny or bouncy etc.

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